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About 90% of the people of Toboso are Roman Catholics while the remaining 10% belong to other religious groups such as the Protestants, Iglesia Ni Kristo, Aglipayan and others.


Cebuano is the major dialect spoken in the municipality.  About 95.34% speak Cebuano, 4.27% speak Hiligaynon/Ilonggo, Tagalog 0.13% and all others 0.26% speak other dialects.


In terms of educational attainment, the 2015 PSA census on Population reported that out 37,331 population 5 years old and above, 1,662 or 4.45% have no grade completed.  Those in the pre-school and in special education totaled to 1,030 or 2.76% and 8 or 0.02% respectively, while those in elementary grades totaled 19,889 or 53.28%.  High school students and high school graduates have a combined total of 10,943 or 29.31%, while college level students and college graduate have a combined total of 3,392 or 0.09%.  A very small percentage (0.08%) had post-graduate degrees. The literacy rate of the municipality is 95.55%, a little higher than the 2010 literacy rate of 95.32%.

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Source : PSA 2006, 2009, 2012 & 2015 | Note : Adapting  Poverty Incidence for 2015 since data is not yet available.


Negros Occidental

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Toboso is a coastal municipality in the province of Negros Occidental. The municipality has a land area of 117.33 square kilometers or 45.30 square miles which constitutes 1.50% of Negros Occidental’s total area. Its population as determined by the 2015 Census was 42,114. This represented 1.69% of the total population of Negros Occidental province, or 0.56% of the overall population of the Western Visayas region. Based on these figures, the population density is computed at 359 inhabitants per square kilometer or 930 inhabitants per square mile.

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summary data

Type: Municipality

Island Group: Visayas

Region: Western Visayas

              (Region VI)

Province: Negros Occidental

Barangay Count: 9

Coastal/Landlocked: Coastal

Marine Water Bodies: Tañon Strait

Geographical Location: The municipality of Toboso is located on the northeastern side of the province of Negros Occidental and is facing the island of Cebu.  It is bounded on the southwest by the municipality of Calatrava; Northwest by the city of Sagay; north by the municipality of Escalante and east by Tañon Strait.  The shoreline runs along the Tañon Strait from Calatrava boundary to the Escalante boundary facing east.

Coordinates: 10º40’00” N to 10º42’56” latitude and 123º20’00” E  to 123º30’51” longitude.

Land Area:  DBM: 11,733 has.

DENR 2013: 12,134.18 has.

Historical Data: 12,340 has.